November 26, 2012

I’ve had modest success setting goals and methodically achieving them over the past few months. I decided to run a marathon and did it. I decided to run a marathon and ran it. I decided to take the FE exam and took it. Climbing has allowed me to achieve many such successes, albeit small ones. I’m going to attempt to document a few small goals here and my progress toward them.

The first is to gain some weight. Post workout and sauna today I weighed 140 pounds. I hope to reach 145 within the next six weeks – so, by January 6th – with extra strength training and increased protein intake. I want this to be achieved in a healthy way, so I will need to see a physical therapist about the popping cartilage in my shoulder, use occasional yoga and regular stretching to prevent injury, and try to use beans and nuts as my protein sources rather than powders as much as possible.