mod my civic

April 29, 2011

learn about cars by buying one and beginning to make conservative modifications to it. considerations: installation of vacuum gauge, engine kill switch, economy camshaft swap, block heater, possibly even increasing compression ratio:


rip off dirty beaches

April 28, 2011

chop and screw world music like s.e. rogie’s “palm wine guitar music”, then croon over it. take this act to all the open mics.

go car free

April 28, 2011

live in the city, commute to fremont by BART and bike (8 miles biking each way), never purchase a car. when i have to travel for work, use public transport to the airports.


April 26, 2011

take on more one-a-day rituals like this one. write one letter every day. write one line of a poem every day. meet one new person every day. do one new thing every day.

one day ago (sunday): become an “urban homesteader”. learn forgotten crafts like gardening, jarring food, raising egg-hens, spinning and sewing clothes, leatherworking, butchering, etc. in order to live more independently, sustainably, and creatively.

two days ago (saturday): develop a home PV lab that integrates solar cells into existing consumer products and experiments with new innovations like dye-sensitized solar cells. alternatively, develop a home biodiesel-production process.

three days ago (friday): become a LEED-certified expert in energy efficiency; develop a business conducting home assessments and retrofits on weekends.

a language

April 21, 2011

since living in china i’ve wanted to relearn mandarin and practice it regularly. chinatown being nearby presents the possibility of language buddies.

it was literally posted when i woke up with my laptop on my chest staring at me like some sort of cat. i posted, put the computer on the floor, and went to sleep.

the idea is that every other week i would go, alone or with a crew, to a national park and go for a hike and camp out at least one night. by “learn” i mean that i would get to know the trails, mountains, and secrets of all these places.