The three Bs

January 14, 2011

I got an email a couple of days ago from a prospective employer in South San Francisco saying that, while my resume was fine, I didn’t get the job because I am in Michigan. A candidate from the area, either UC Davis or UC Berkeley, had been chosen and was able to start the very next day.

He advised that I move out to the SF Bay, Boston, or Denver to start connecting with people in the field.

I had been aware of several companies in both Colorado and northern California, and had started to see a few in Massachusetts. Yesterday I spoke with a fellow UM alum who spent some time working for a biofuel company in Colorado. I mentioned what I had heard about those three areas, and he immediately said, “Yep. The three B’s: Boston, Boulder, Berkeley. That’s where it’s all happening.”

I do believe that there’s a budding green jobs movement in Michigan. I am trying to find a job here; I’d be near home, near family, near friends, near Detroit and Ann Arbor. At the same time, though, the three Bs sound pretty fun.


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