Jazz Til Noon – 9/18/08

September 21, 2008

Starting this semester, my weekly show on WCBN is all jazz, each Thursday morning from 9-noon. My definition of jazz will be a loose one that includes everything from ragtime to fusion to electroacoustic free-improv. It should be a great chance for me to learn about the genre.

My second Jazz Til Noon broadcast starts with an hour of rinky-dink big-band jazz and swing from the 20s and 30s.

Cab Calloway

Benny Goodman

I found some gold in the vaults – one great album, “Laughin In Rhythm,” contains a track called “Chinese Rhythm” that teaches the listener to speak Mandarin through scat, as well as a Jelly Roll Morton number called “Hyena Stomp” that sets a typically corny big band arrangement behind some chilling, maniacal laughter.

The next two hours follow with Jack Kerouac’s “History of Bop” set to a Charlie Parker suite, the Art Ensemble of Chicago’s genre-defining freejazz-funk hit “Theme De Yoyo,” and three tracks from Detroit free-jazz legend Faruq Z. Bey.



One Response to “Jazz Til Noon – 9/18/08”

  1. james Says:

    i’m digging it… RIGHT NOW

    i look forward to catching some iteration of william parker sometime

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