August 7, 2008

This blog is a humble experiment. I realized that I was posting an annoying volume of items on facebook and decided that I could reroute those musings here. For now, I won’t set any constraints for myself, since the blog itself is a natural outgrowth of a desire to dump thoughts somewhere. If it gets out of hand, I’ll take the trimmers to it.

The name is in reference to the Donacon reed-bed, which Pausanias identifies in his Guide to Greece as the fabled pond of Narcissus. I think it highlights two important aspects of blogging: one, that it is inherently vain; and two, that it is above all things an act of introspection.

There’s a subtler association as well. It’s important to give the mirror itself a name: Narcissus had surely seen his reflection before encountering Donacon, so the pond itself must have had some special qualities. I hope the reader will take the title, then, as a quiet reminder to consider the medium, the blog itself, when apprehending the extrasomatic curiosities that I drop here.


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